I played through the game about 73 times, most on.

Like the rifle, the Broken Butterfly is all about damage, outstripping its competition, the Killer 7, with its 1.

The hand cannon is superior to both, less damage than the butterfly but has unlimited ammo. .


8% more damage than Killer7 28.

. . The Killer7 also features 5x Critical Rate as its Exclusive Upgrade, massively increasing.


. Broken Butterfly, Definitely. 81 rates of fire, and 2.

The Broken Butterfly is a magnum with impressive firepower, making it an ideal weapon for. It's pretty much the Magnum equivalent of the Blacktail vs.



Have done since I first played the OG RE4 I like the BAR because it acts like a budget killer 7, damage is wonderfully high for how much easier rifle ammo is to come by than magnum. The Killer 7 obviously, it is more stable and has better handling than the Broken Butterfly not to mention is has a much faster reload and a larger clip.

Less powerful but so much more accurate and precise. .

Power = Broken Butterfly Handling, Speed, Balance, Capacity(by only 2 bullets) = Killer7 It's pretty much the Magnum equivalent of the Blacktail vs.
On the one hand, the Broken Butterfly is the clear winner regarding raw power.


However, both guns are viable; the ultimate decision will be personal preference and playstyle.

Then when the Killer7 comes out you can pick that up if youd like and wont have to worry about the recipe since you have it. . Oct 25, 2005 · Answers.

. . . . since: Jan 2006. 45 calibur hand gun ammo then you can go ahead and put that into the broken butterfly, but.

Broken Butterfly: - stronger firepower with.

Killer 7. The tmp is pretty decent.

killer 7 VS broken butterfly.

Whats the point in having all the.

The killer 7 is better "out of the box" so to speak, its stronger than the bb when you get it initially since you have to upgrade the bb alot before you even reach the killer 7's initial power.